Meet The Owners


Hello Hello,

Welcome to Trendsetter Boutique! My name is Lane Carr (dark hair) and I am one of two owners of this wonderful boutique business. My mother, Amy, is the second owner of Trendsetter Boutique. She is also pictured above. Trendsetter Boutique is an online e-commerce boutique that started in April of 2020 amidst the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Both my mother and I were put out of work and needed a "get me by" job which soon turned into a full-time side hustle.

Trendsetter's, our O.G. brand, started back in 2007 in a small beauty shop where my mother used to cut hair. The beauty shop was named Trendsetter's which carried into the name of the boutique as well. If you can imagine, we were VERY small with lots of chevron patterned tops and the infamous palazzo pants. My jaw drops to think of how far we have come. Now, the Trendsetter brand is reaching women and ladies far and wide. 

Trendsetter Boutique is, as stated above, a fully functioning online boutique based in Edison, Georgia. This brand was inspired from our love of clothing and accessories and the want to be a trend setter. We hope that every item you purchase will make you feel like a "trend setter" while encouraging you to be confident in your own skin, regardless of what the people around you think. 

We are super excited to be building this wonderful community of empowered women and hope that you find your niche here. We are so happy to welcome you to Trendsetter Boutique and hope that you choose to stay and shop with us! Reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 

Xoxo- Lane Carr & Amy Hargrove