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Meet the Owner

Hey ladies, it's Lane here! 

I want to personally thank you for stopping by and checking out Trendsetter Boutique. We truly value your support, as it helps in more ways than one. Our hope is that you will come back and visit with us in the future, if not this time. Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you further! 

Xoxo, Lane Carr (owner)


Being in the retail world, so many people place an image on you of what you should look like but I’m not obsessed with all the crazy outfits with all the bright colors. I’m not always a fashionista. I live in leggings and comfy clothes with my hair in a bun 90% of the time. I don’t care about all of the trends. I LOVE all things black and I’m unsure why any other colors exist besides pink and blue jeans. And yes, I’m a “boutique” owner. I’m not like most business owners. I don't only highlight the good in this business. I show the good, the bad and the ugly. I worry more days than not. Retail is tough right now, but I continue to fight for my business. My customers have become more than just a name on my order list; they are my friends and family! I live by the saying  “you can be selling horses, cows, lollipops, or lemonade for $1,500 and your "friends" will go buy it somewhere else for $3k because you didn't sell it to them for $500. Don't get mad - you just have to learn that everybody who's with you, isn’t always for you! A client will become a friend before a friend will become a client is an unfortunate paradigm in life.

What I am PASSIONATE about is how the right piece of clothing, made for a woman’s body type, and a closet full of clothes that FIT her, make getting dressed fun and easy and help her feel confident! I’m obsessed with breaking the rules women put on themselves for what they “can and can’t” wear and punching lies about their body in the face. Because at the end of the day, confidence is the most gorgeous thing you could ever wear and confidence is the thing that will launch you into your gifts and purpose! I didn’t start Trendsetter Boutique so that I could be the next big boutique with 7,000 clothing items with less than standard quality material, shoes that don’t bend or go over calves, clothing sizes that are made for children or cheap accessories. I started this boutique to fill in the gap. I want Trendsetter Boutique to be a place for women to find their staples, supports, go to pieces and items that fit their lifestyle. I believe comfort and chic can cohabitate and that leggings are 10000% pants. I believe the numbers on clothing mean absolutely nothing and that it’s okay if you are both a medium and an XL or a L and a 2X, because numbers and labels don’t define us and aren’t a grading system of our beauty and worth. So that’s what I’m here for and I hope you will be here with me too!

XOXO, Lane